a collection of video to flv conversion tools ! (like guns…)

To convert video files to FLV format you will need a conversion application, usually referred to as a converter or encoder. Converters are fairly straightforward to use — you simply import a file, choose a preset (and customize the settings if required), then export as FLV. Good converters have additional features such as batch processing options.like guns,very verrrry dapper …

There are many converter/encoders available — some free, some cheap, some expensive. If you do a search for “FLV converter” or “FLV encoder” you’ll find plenty of options. Three of the most commonly-used converters are listed below.

1. http://www.flash-on-tv.com/video-to-flash.html#135

Video Flash to Encode: It is powerful utility to convert video to flash, create stunning flash video easily and keep all the originals of video. (Have free trial)
2. http://www.geovid.com/Video_to_Flash_Converter/
Video to Flash Convertor: It is an easy to use program for converting your AVI digital video to SWF Flash format.


3. http://www.wildform.com/
Flash Text Effects Animator: Choose from over 400 animated text effects for your Flash or video projects, it can output to MOV, AVI, DV, and MP4 and video formats.

I download this software’s demo, but I can’t install it because I don’t have registered and pay for it.


If possible, use a converter with 2-pass encoding. This creates better quality video.


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