How to convert avi to flv …

Wondershare Video to Flash Encoder is a very easy-to-use avi to flv converter. It can convert all popular videos into flash flv, swf, such as convert avi to flv, avi to swf, wmv to flv/swf, mpeg to flv/swf, etc.

Why should we convert avi to flv/swf ?
First of all,i think it’s necessary to explain the FLV and avi format.

1.FLV is FLASH VIDEO shorter form , the FLV stream medium form is one kind of new video frequency form , is called Flash Video completely. since The document is minimal , loading speed is extremely quick , it takes form, feasible network watch the video frequency document to become possibility, its turn up is effective after having resolved video frequency document leading-in Flash , make the SWF document volume deriving ample , can not wait for a shortcoming in upper very good network usage. Every online video frequency website adopt this video frequency form at present without exception. Such as YouTube,google video,yahoo video,,youku …FLV already becomes the main current video form.

2.AVI is not so complicated like MPEG,From win3.1 times,it already appears !Its most direct merit is that compatible regards , invoking expediently and high-qulity pictures.even assorts with DVD.But, its shortcoming is also very obvious: Volume is big.Just about this reason,we need convert avi to flv sufficiently !

How can we convert avi to flv and make our own flash ?

This Video to Flash Encoder guide will show you how to convert avi to flv and make your own sharing flash.

What you need:

Download and install Wondershare Video to Flash Encoder. Free download now!
Step1 Click the “Load File…” button to select avi files from your hard disk.


Step 2 Edit avi video
Some video files have black edges around its video. Now you can cut off the black edges at will..


1.Trim video. Select the avi video you like through setting “Start time” and ”End time”Or setting selected length.

2.Setting Effects. You can set the brightness, contrast, saturation, volume of your video file by drag the corresponding adjustment sliders on the bars.

Step 3 Add credits
Wondershare Video to Flash Encoder allows you to add head and tail description slideshow to make your own flash.

If you choose the output file to be FLV or you tick the Merge option, you can not add credits.

Step 4 Select a flash skin template and add watermark
Wondershare Video to Flash Encoder provides more than 20 flash menu templates for us to choose. The watermark makes your flash different from others. Both image and text watermark are acceptable.

What more important, you can add promotion hyperlink to your watermark.

Step 5 Configure output and start to convert
This avi to flv converter provides four output formats: Flash File (*.swf), FLV File (*.flv), Application (*.exe) or Screen Saver (*.scr). In “Setting”, you can set Resolution, Frame rate, Video Encoder, etc. for your output flash videos.
After conversion, click “Browse” to view the converted flash video.


1. Upload to YouTube, you’d better set resolution as “320*240”, or “640*480”.

With these five steps, you can see that Wondershare Video to Flash Encoder is not only an avi to flv/swf converter, but also can select flash skin, add flash credit, add watermark and promotion link to make your own flash video.


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