How to embed video clips to blog

Today we will discuss embeding video to blog post.This article is for blogger / blogspot blogs only. Embeding video to blog post makes it more interesting and attractive.
You can embed video from three main sources.
1) Video stored on your computer harddisk. You might have shoot it using your cell phone and then downloaded to your PC.
2) Video from
3) Video from

Now we will discuss how to add video from this three source

1) For embeding video from your PC , please go to create new post then in the post toolbar you will find a ‘embed video‘ button or icon , at second last position from right hand side as shown below.

Then you have to select file from your PC by clicking on Browse , then give title and click upload video. But please remember that your video file format should be AVI, FLV, QuickTime, Real, and Windows Media.But I recommend the FLV format,WHY? just cause it will takes smaller size,transmits fast ….flv has been the main video format applied on the website ! so i advise to use .flv files ,if not this format,dont worry,download and install the video to flash encoder and everything will be ok …


2) For embeding video from , after going on this site , you have to select the video you want to add. Then on the right hand side of the screen or browser window you will find Embed and html code written there as shown below.You have to select that code and paste into your post in edit html mode.

You can change size of window for video by changing width and height pixels.

3) For embeding video from , after going to this website you have to select your video.Then below the video it is written Add to site and the html code will be there as shown below. You have to copy this code and paste it on you blog post in Edit html mode.

You can resize window size for video by changing width= and height= pixel no.s


I hope you like this post and is useful to you.

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