Easily change 3GP into FLV with this 3GP to FLV converter …

I found a lot of questions about “how to convert 3GP to FLV?” on the correlative forums. For example:

 “Convert 3GP to FLV?
How would I go about using command line to convert a 3gp video file to an flv?
Thanks in advance”  (seleted fromwww.ubuntuforums.org)

So today we’ll discuss about converting 3GP to FLV. and before starting our topic,lets leran about the knowledges of 3GP & FLV:
1.what’s FLV:
FLV is Flash video files, and is basically a stream of images and sound. This means you can stream these from a stream server, and get benefits like the ability to start streaming from anywhere in the file and such processing.
2.what’s 3GP:
3GP/3G2(3GPP/3GPP2) stands for 3rd Generation Partnership Project and 3rd Generation Partnership Project 2 respectively. They are multimedia container formats used by mobile phones. 3GP was designed to make file sizes smaller so mobile phones could support video.

How to convert 3GP to FLV ? 
No dooubt, we need a third conversion software to assist us. But the similar 3GP to FLV conversion software is good and evil people mixed up,some free, some cheap, some expensive. If you do a search for “3GP converter” or “3GP to FLV encoder” you’ll find plenty of options. I list some of  the most commonly-used converters are listed below.
on-line conversion pro: vixy
desktop conversion pro:wondershare video to flash encoder  ,geovid video to flash converter …

Cause i althrough use wondershare video to flash encoder to convert my non-flash video to FLV ,SWF, and then i’ll amply explain its function below:
Free download wondershare video to flash encoder Today >>>

Wondershare Video to Flash Encoder is an excellent video to flash converter to convert 3GP to  FLV&SWF which are in small size and high quality. This video to flash solution can convert 3GP,MPEG, AVI, MOV, WMV, MP4 and even HD video as M2TS, TP, TRP, TS to flash with many attached functions.

1.Convert video(3GP) to flash FLV, SWF

2.Batches convert & merge several video files into one

3.Provide 12 beautiful flash players

4.Add hyperlink, text, image to your own flash.

As for the detailed steps converting 3GP to FLV,you simply import a 3GP file, choose a preset (and customize the settings if required), then export as FLV. Good converters have additional features such as batch processing options…
if you wanna leran more about how to use wondershare video to flash encoder to change 3GP to FLV ,you can view this guide below:
How to convert phone video(.3gp) to flash video(.flv) & sharing them on the net …




2 Responses to “Easily change 3GP into FLV with this 3GP to FLV converter …”

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    […] to website.and i’v already wroten some correlative articles including convert MOV to FLV,convert 3GP to FLV,convert avi to swf…so today, I’m going to write a quick guide on how you can convert any […]

  2. video-to-flv Says:

    useful guide ,
    with this method, i add my phone video to my personal website favorably…

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