Guide:how to edit,convert avi to swf.

This article is about how to edit ,convert avi files to swf files with this wondershare avi to swf converter,if you wanna learn how to convert avi to flv,go to “4 ways to convert avi to flv”…
Above all,let me explain the swf format. The file format SWF (stands for “Shockwave Flash” and not for “Small Web Format” as often wrongly assumed, pronounced swooff) a partially open repository for multimedia and especially for vector graphics, originated with FutureWave Software and has come under the control of Adobe. Intended to be small enough for publication on the web, SWF files can contain animations or applets of varying degrees of interactivity and function.
SWF currently functions as the dominant format for displaying “animated” vector graphics on the Web, far exceeding the use of the W3C open-standard SVG, which has met with problems over competing implementations.

How to edit,convert avi files to swf .

Step1: Free download wondershare video to flash encoder , install and run it .

when i use this swf encoder software,im attracted by the outstanding features of the wondershare video to flash encoder below
@.convert avi to flash swf or flv;
@.Batches convert & merge several avi files into one;
@.add text ,image,hyperlink to your own swf files;
@.provide 12+ anazing flash players;
@.Just need some clicks and u’ll get avi to swf.

Step2:click”load file” button to add avi files and set output format is swf.


Step3.Edit avi files .
wondershare video to flash encoder provides you powerful editing funtion for customing your avi files as you like.
@. Some video files have black edges around its video. Now you can cut off the black edges at will;
@.Trim video. Select the video clips you like through setting “Start time” and “End time”Or .Directly drag the time bar to set the video length;
@.Setting Effects. You can set the brightness, contrast, saturation, volume of your video file by drag the corresponding adjustment sliders on the bars;
@.Wondershare Video to Flash Encoder provides more than 20 flash menu templates for us to choose. The watermark makes your flash different from others. Both image and text watermark are acceptable. What more important, you can add promotion hyperlink to your watermark.
…. th”start” and you will get your swf files finally.


OK. You completed to convert AVI to swf file by this video to flash Converter.

then,you can add this swf files to ur website or streaming web,lets u quickly prepare your movies for web publishing …

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