some personal reviews on how to share classic movies, DV clips with a video to flash converter?

1. Most of us must have watched some very classic movies like “Gone With the Wind”, “Titanic” etc, some astonishing, romantic scenes just impress you so much

and every now and then you can’t help thinking of them. Why not cropping those classic scenes and turn them into smaller, safer Flash movies, which you can

insert into your webpage or email to others. Don’t worry that would be a tough task, just add video – choose favorite scene – edit it – publish as HTML or

.SWF file.


2. You may have taken a lot of home videos of different occasions with your DV. Watching those videos is fun already, why don’t you add more fun by turning

them into a complete, stunning flash movie? Each Flash movie can tell a full story! You can adjust the size of videos, add background music and also apply

special effects, make them entertaining and even touching. When you watch those amazing home-made Flash videos, every movie would remind you those precious

times: Birthday parties, families gather-together, wedding anniversaries…Everything is just like yesterday once more.


3. After finishing your Flash movie, looking at those stunning creations, you must feel proud of yourself. Why not let others share your works together? You

can convert them to FLV or SWF for emailing with ease, or publish to HTML for sharing on the Internet; you can also upload them to a free web space up to

100M to store and manage.

Now,action is better than just thinking.Free download wondershare video to flash encoder today!Related article:
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