Expose secret truth, reviewing several video to flash converters roundly

For those e-friends who are often fond of expressing themselves by dint of network video, there must be existing a very troublesome problem that is a lot videos they upload can’t be viewed by others because the viewers don’t have the proper video player. Therefor, I will do a view of several pop video to flash converters in 2009, hope this will benefit e-friends who want to convert video to flash. But there are so many video to flash converters(encoder), I just search them in google optionally and found hundreds, some are never heard of before, so I have no idea of how is the effect of these video to flash converters(encoder). This made me at loose ends when I begun to select, but I made up my minds to do this review perfectly. After fast investigation, I picked 4 video to flash converters for this review. Since time is hasty, some software which also can convert video to flash excellently may be ignored, please understand.


The reviewed software:


Review of practical function:

1.Geovid video to flash converter:


Brief summary of test: Geovid video to flash converter is an easy to use program for converting your AVI,ASF,MOV,MP4… digital video to Flash format, but the interface and function is too simple, you almost cant set any parameter to control the conversion effect. The only virtue is the conversion speed is fast.


2.Alive video to flash converter:


Brief summary of test: This software is very similar to Geovid video to flash converter on the interface, but Avile video to flash converter is more consummate.
1).its interface is extendable.
2).it provides more setting parameter in the “options”, including video frame rates, bitrates, frame size…
But the picture of the converted video is so blurry, I cant lay it on with a trowel.


3.Kibisis flash converter


Brief summary of test: Kibisis is a complete Video to Flash Converter. Kibisis allows you to encode standard video and audio files into low bit rate Flash movies. In addition, kibisis provides multitudinous setting parameter and video edit functions, all of this make it more perfect than others:
1).Provides flash video setting parameter such as size, frame rate, smoothness, quality….
2).You can edit your video by video effects like brightness, contrast …
3).You can add hyperlink, text to your own flash.
But I can’t understand why it runs so slow like a snail and I almost blow up finally.


4.Wondershare video to flash encoder


Brief summary of test: Wondershare Video to Flash Encoder is an excellent video to flash converter to convert video MPEG, AVI, MOV, WMV, MP4 and even HD video as M2TS, TP, TRP, TS to flash FLV, SWF. I summed up 4 its main attached function below:
1).Batches convert & merge several video files into one
2).Provide 12 beautiful flash players
3).Add hyperlink, text, image to your own flash.
4).Easy-to-use with intuitive interface
In addition, there are also some flaws existing in the conversion process, but these are innocuous flaws so I don’t list them here.


Final word, summary of this test:

Generally speaking, coming up from the 4 video to flash converter I tested, wondershare video to flash converter stands out in this review, its interface and general function is more outstanding. Of course, when I tested these conversion software, some ones are there just to make up the number and hope readers will be perceptive of the slightest.


If this benefits you, welcome sharing this with your relatives and friends.


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