Top 10 Flash Professional CS4 cheats

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1. When you’re hot, you’re hot
Hot text is not just for Property inspectors. (Note: Hot text [a.k.a. scrubby sliders] is any field that contains a measurement where you can click-and-drag to change that measurement.) Throughout Flash CS4, try using hot text controls with these two cool keyboard shortcuts:
1. Command (PC: Ctrl): When used with click-dragging hot text, this will divide sensitivity by a factor of 10.
2. Shift: When used with click-dragging hot text controls, this will increase sensitivity by a factor of 10.
2. When every second counts
Ever tweaked an animation exactly how you wanted it — only to have it run just a bit short on time? To extend a tween span on the Timeline without moving your current property keyframes (those all-powerful little diamond icons you’ve sweated over), move the cursor to the end of the tween span until you see a double-arrow cursor. Then hold the Shift key and click-and-drag the end of the span until it’s the desired length. Then walk away. Really.
3. When you have to make hundreds of balls bounce
Applying motion quickly to selected objects has never been faster. First, select an object— better yet, select a few, they’re small. Then select a preset name in the Motion Presets panel (Window>Motion Presets) and click Apply. By default, the current location of the object becomes the initial position of the animation, or you can hold the Shift key while you click Apply to make the current location the end position of the animation.
4. Yes, you’re hearing things
Unleash your inner Foley artist. Flash CS4 now comes with a collection of sample sounds from Soundbooth. To access them in Flash, select Window > Common Libraries > Sounds. Choose from a variety of sounds including barking dogs and gunshots and easily add it to your project with a simple drag-and-drop.
5. Assets can run, but they can’t hide
Flash CS4 can filter Library assets! If you work on projects with “ginormous” numbers of assets to manage, then with the Library panel (Window>Library) open, simply click into the Search field at the top of the Library tree and type in the key words of filenames you want to find. The assets will appear outside their folder structure in one easy-to-view list. Press the Esc key or click the Clear icon (the x) in the Search field to return to the full list.
6. Snap to it
When using the Bone tool (X) to create a new armature, the transformation point is automatically set at the location of the mouse release. For more precise placement, first use the Free Transform tool (Q) to set the transformation point at the desired location on the symbol. Then in the Drawing Preferences (Flash [PC: Edit]>Preferences and then select Drawing in the Category list on the left) uncheck the Auto Set Transformation Point option for the IK Bone tool. Now the bones will snap to the location of the transformation point when drawn.
7. Got a bone to pick?
Want to edit a specific bone without having to recreate the entire armature? IK Shape bone placement can be edited at Frame 1 immediately after creating the armature using the Subselection tool (A). Simply click-and-drag the head or tail of the bone to a new location. For armatures that are created with symbols, adjust the transformation point using the Free Transform tool (Q). Note: Bones should only be edited at Frame 1 prior to adding new frames and/or poses. Editing bone placement at any other frame other than Frame 1 can lead to unhappy surprises.
8. One stone—whole flock of birds
Flash CS4 also lets you edit the properties of multiple assets in the Library with one dialog. Just select a set of items in the Library and Control-click (PC: Right-click) on one of the selected items and select Properties to bring up the Editing Properties dialog. The dialog is now smart enough to show you only the properties that are common to the selection. If you choose all images, you’ll get all the image properties in one dialog. Choose multiple symbols and you can set linkage and base classes for all the selected symbols.
9. One way to keep a New Year’s resolution
Flash CS4 makes getting your symbols organized in your Library as easy as drag-anddrop. So after you’ve created a new symbol (Command-F8 [PC: Ctrl-F8]), simply drag the newly created symbol into an existing folder. You can also create a new folder as you’re creating a new symbol in the Create New Symbol dialog (just click on the text next to Folder and choose New Folder in the Move To dialog).
10. ActionScript goes green
You’ve got options for reusing an animation in your document with code. You can assign an Instance Name to an animation in the Motion Property inspector, then use this line of code—tweenInstanceName.addTarget (mcInstanceName) — to apply it to another instance in your FLA file. This ActionScript assigns the tween with the instance name tweenInstanceName to a movie clip with the instance mcInstanceName. Or you can simply copy the animation from a tween span as ActionScript: click the tween span and choose Copy Motion as ActionScript 3.0.
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