WMV to SWF tip – Convert WMV to SWF just 4 steps

This article will provide a perfect solution of converting WMV(windows media video) to SWF…

Time after time, some buddies ask me how to convert WMV (windows media video) to SWF (small web format) and invite me to recommend them a good cost performance WMV to SWF converter. This is little wonder, Cause that as one of the most popular video format, many people get lots of WMV movies and sometime want share their WMV movies on the website such as YouTube, My space, Personal blogs or web sites. SWF format is probably the appropriate format because such format has good quality with small size and more important you even can email the WMV files to your friends when you get the SWF files from WMV.


1. Free download and run Wondershare Video to Flash Converter – convert video to flash flv\swf


2. Click “Load file…” to load one or more WMV files to this WMV to SWF converter. Some guys may have many WMV files waiting for converting, you can use its batch conversion function to batch convert target WMV files to SWF in one time. Oh, don’t forget to set the output format SWF.


3. Edit video. You can make your own flash by choosing lovely flash player from 12+ beautiful flash player templates. In addition, you also can Crop video, Trim video, Adjust video effect, Merge video clips, Add plug-in subtitle, Add watermark etc. I won’t go deeply into these matters here, you can dig them by yourself.


4. Choose output folder for the converted videos by click the button “Browse”. Then click “Start” to begin to convert WMV to SWF and you will get the SWF files in minutes.
Tip: If you select the option “Open folder after conversion”, it can automatically switch to the saving catalog avoiding the trouble of looking for result files manually. Very convenience.


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