4 steps to convert MPEG to SWF …

Why we need to convert MPEG\MPG files to SWF files?

Most people must have a large storage of VCD, SVCD, CD files which in MPEG\MPG format, you may want to share these fantastic files with more people by uploading them to the net, such as your personal blog, YouTube, MySpace, etc. SWF format is probably the appropriate format due to its good quality and small size. Therefore, we need to find a suitable MPEG to SWF converter to convert these files in MPEG\MPG format to SWF flash video.

How to convert MPEG files to SWF files?

Free download Wondershare video to flash converter which is an excellent MPEG to SWF Converter and all the conversion will be done with the following 4 steps.

Step 1: Click “Load File…” to load one or more MPEG file(s).

Step 2: Select SWF as output format. 

Sep 3: Edit video.  
You can click “edit” to crop, trim, adjust video effect, customize head and tail for your flash video by adding text or image as watermark. And you can also select your favorite flash player template by clicking “Templates”.

Step 4. Click “Start” to start conversion and you will get the SWF files from MPEG\MPG in minutes.


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