Getting what you like, 15 free ways to download video from YouTube, google video etc.

After buying YouTube, Google was put into dock frequently for the video copyright. Surely, one of the reason may is Google’s so full wallet. So if you have your eye on a YouTube video, you’d better download the YouTube video to your local disc, or this video clip might be deleted for the legal problem on every unguarded moment.


Fortunately, because of YouTube’s being the rage, a lot of YouTube video download and conversion tools sprang up like bamboo shoot after spring rain. Here Jerry picked 15 YouTube download tools which are applicable by my test. In addition, here is a cool YouTube video converter I recommend. With it you can help you convert the YouTube video you download to PSP 2000/3000, Blackberry , iphone 3gs, ipod shuffle/touch/nano, Creative zen, Microsoft zune etc.


Window client


YouTube grabber 4.1: Downloads FLV files from YouTube. Simply copy and paste the URL of a video from YouTube into the program, and press Download.

KeepV: This is a free and powerful software that download and convert Flash/FLV files (YouTube videos) faster and better than most transcoder.

Wondershare YouTube downloader: is totally a free program for downloading YouTube video clips to enjoy them off the Internet.

Web caching for PC:  Watching the video normally and do not close the browser, when the video is loaded completely,  go to C:\Documents and Settings\your user name\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files and you will find the FLV video you just watched.


OS X client


Get Tube:  This is one utility to download the videos with the format mp4 or mp3 on YouTube site.




Fast Video Download: You will need browser Firefox. And then install the fast video download which is a plug-in for Firefox. It enable you to get streaming video from YouTube, Google video etc.
Ook? Video Ook 0.6.6: Another Firefox plug-in, enables you to download embedded videos from several systems (such as YouTube, Google Video, Pornotube, Metacafe and many more). …

The full text about download video from youtube>>>


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