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                                                               ——- Initial experience of Wondershare Video to Flash Converter Pro

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Nowadays quite a few friends are enthusing about sharing their videos onto internet. Usually, these videos are made by themselves or shot by phone, DV, JVC vidicon etc. Others are some DVD/CD/VCD files. But adding video to website doesn’t be roses all the way, many guys may have some trouble like your video format can’t be supported by some online video websites or the videos uploaded to your blog are loaded slowly and can’t be played smoothly.

Wondershare video to flash converter Pro as one of Best video to flash converter is born for these problems, it can help you convert videos of popular format and DVDs to Flash video (FLV/SWF) which are the main format of network video, and then you can upload various video or DVD files to websites, personal blogs, YouTube, Google video etc as your will.


Key function

1. Directly converting DVD to flash video (FLV/SWF);

2. Perfectly convert both standard and HD video to SWF and FLV flash video;Generate html file and video thumbnail from videos and DVDs;

3. Automatically open the specified webpage for uploading Flash to internet as Youtube and so on;

4. Edit flash video with powerful editing functions;

5. Create slideshow by joining multiple files.


  Software info

Software name Wondershare Video to Flash Converter Pro
Software version Wondershare
Software size 11.8M
Software category Multimedia (video conversion)
Supported OS Windows 2000/ 2003/ XP/ Vista 32bit
Software homepage http://www.flash-on-tv.com/video-to-flash-converter-pro.html
  Fast Download Link


Software installation
The installation of Wondershare video to flash conversion tool is quite simple. If you have nothing special demand, you could keep clicking “Next” till finish the installation.



If customize the installation path, click “Browse…” to select the suitable folder and continue.



Software APP

After installing this video to flash converter Pro, active it and enter its operator interface. Sententious and friendly style will impress you deeply. In addition, the red box show you how to convert DVD/video to flash tersely as shown below.



DVD video to flash conversion
Wondershare video to flash converter pro is a multi-video conversion expert. It can help you convert almost all the popular video formats and DVD to Flash (FLV/SWF), including including AVI, MOD, TOD, MP4, MPEG/MPG, WMV, 3GP, MOV, FLV, MKV, DV, NUT, H.264, NSV, even HD video (mts, ts, t2s, tp, trp);

Here, I will select an AVI file and show you how to convert AVI to flash video FLV. Click the button

To add AVI file, you also can load more files at one time. If you plan to convert DVD to Flash, just click  to load DVD folder.



Next, let’s set the output format. There provides 5 flash formats FLV, SWF, F4V, HTML and thumbnail. And you can select the suitable one as shown below:



TIP: By the option “Replace audio” , you can use your favorite music instead of original audio.


Click “Next” and here you can select the final output format. In addition, this video to flash converter Pro provides you two styles to add URL into video: “URL to launch when clicking” and “URL to launch at the end “.



After setting, keep clicking “Next” and you will enter the most wonderful part. Here:
1).Provide you with build-in 20+ output flash player templates in different styles;
2). Allow you to apply special effect to flash video like the floating maple leaf, moving dragonfly etc;
3). Many beautiful preloader styles.



The final step, click the button “” to select the output files saving path and start the conversion by “” and the speed is fast. convert a 8 MB AVI video file to Flash video FLV, it may only take 90 seconds!


Finally, 4 useful tips about edit function of Wondershare video to flash converter Pro:


Clip video by splitting one video into multiple segments. With this function, you can get the most brilliant parts of the video you import;



Merge multiple video clips into one file. This is necessary if you plan to DIY some wonderful video clips;



Join multiple video clips into one slideshow as shown below:




Two real time preview windows let you get the best video effects out of your movies




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