DVD to MP3 converter – Easily extract audio mp3/wma/m4a from DVD movies

I have been thinking of writing a guide how to convert DVD to MP3, because some time people are fascinated by some beautiful Movie background music and want to get these dulcet audio to their mp3 player, ipod, iphone etc. But they are not familiar with any DVD to MP3 converter and don’t know how. What a cheerless thing! So after a careful plot, this article will show you converting DVD to MP3, WMA, M4A with Daniusoft DVD ripper which are well-known in the province of media conversion.
Step1. Free Download Daniusoft DVD ripper software, install and launch it ;

Step2. Add your DVD files to this tool, and then trim the video to get the segment which includes your favorite background music. The detail process: Click edit_button_pic and a “Video Edit” window will pops up, then you are allowed to make trimming of video by dragging the slider, controlling “Mark in” and “Mark out” button and setting start and end time to get your desired video clips.


Step3. After selecting the target segment, set the output format .MP3 and the target saving path as shown below.


Tip: If you want to get higher audio quality, Click “Settings” button in the output settings area, you are allowed to set “sample rate”, “channel”, “encode”, “Bit Rate” etc.


Finally, click the botton start_pic to convert DVD to MP3 format, the conversion speed is fast. You will extract your favorite audio file (MP3/WMA/M4A) from DVD segment in minutes.
PS: 1. Because Daniusoft DVD Ripper can rip any DVD including the copyrighted DVDs, you’d better not use it for commercial purpose;
2.Some people plan to convert DVD to MP3 just for their IPod. For this, I shall have to mention a gadget – Daniusoft iPod transfer. It allows you:
# Backup videos/songs from computer to iPod directly
# Transfer iPod to computer smoothly
# Transfer iPod video/music to iTunes

Convenient ! Check out this IPod transfer Now >>>


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