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Detailed comparison: Google nexus one vs Motorola droid vs Apple iPhone 3gs vs Palm Pre

January 7, 2010

At a Google press event held 5th jan afternoon at the company’s Mountain View, Calif. headquarters, Google vice president Mario Queiroz billed the new Nexus One as a “superphone” and an “exemplar of what’s possible” on mobile phones running Android. He didn’t precisely define the term superphone, other than to suggest it has greater capabilities than today’s existing smartphones.

Some have speculated that the Google Nexus One is an iPhone 3gs beater handset, but is it really? Or can it defeat the other two popular smartphone Motorola droid and Plam Pre? This article will compare these four smartphone in storage capacity, battery life, camera, WIFI, price etc. at length. If you plan to buy a mobile phone recently, this article will be a good buying guide for you.

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