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Copy DVD to AVI for Xbox, Creative Zen, YouTube, Ubuntu Linux …

April 14, 2010

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Since AVI is the most widely used video formats for DVD collection on computers and portable media player, you can Copy DVD to AVI on Xbox, Creative Zen, Ubuntu Linux, post AVI on MySpace, YouTube to share with friends, or you want to rip DVD to AVI video and email it around so everyone could watch your homemade DVD on their PC, this guide is going to show you how to rip dvd to avi for easy viewing, sharing and video editing.

Application necessary is a DVD to AVI Ripper – Daniusoft DVD Ripper software

How to Copy DVD to AVI for your DVD collection on PC and portable player ?

DVD to AVI Ripper

Step 1: Free download the DVD to AVI Program to rip DVD to AVI video.
Launch the DVD to AVI Ripper to load DVD files: Click “Load DVD” to find the DVD disc you want to convert. You can also click ‘Load File’ to add DVD/IFO from your hard disk.
*Tips: Ensure that you have sufficient space on hard drive to store the DVD in order to save your time when you rip DVD to AVI video.

Step 2: Select “Audio Video Interleaved Format (*avi)” as output format.
Select AVI format from the profile dropdown list. If you want to put the AVI file on your Sansa, Wii, Blackberry or other popular portable device, you can select an output format according to your device name.

Step 3: Start copy DVD to AVI
Hit “Start” let this smart DVD to AVI Ripper to do the rest for you! This DVD to AVI Software is fast and easy to use, and you should never concern the video quality after conversion.

When you had done copy DVD to AVI video, you can save DVD to AVI video on your PC, post avi on YouTube, MySpace, or you can edit them with this DVD to AVI Ripper to enjoy more fun with your video.

It can not only rip DVD to AVI but also a best dvd ripper enables you to copy DVD to avi video and almost all other video and audio formats, plus, it is a video editing program:

  • Crop – Set the video zoom to 16:9/4:3/full screen.
  • Effect – Make special effect through brightness, contrast, saturation, built-in effects.
  • Watermark – Add text or pictures on the video.

DVD to AVI Ripper software - Effect

DVD to AVI Ripper software - Watermark

The DVD to AVI Ripper mentioned above can do even more jobs than rip DVD to AVI video and all the popular media formats like M4V, WMV, ASF, MOV, MP4, FLV, VOB, HD(.trp; .ts), HD(.mp4; .wmv; .mpg; .mov; avi), etc. It supports most digital player like iPod, iPhone, PSP, PS3, Xbox, Wii, NDS, Sansa, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony Walkman, Nokia, Android, Mobile Phone, etc.


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Download Free DVD to AVI Converter to Convert DVD Movies to AVI Videos

February 21, 2010


The reason for writing this text is that many guys ask the question about converting DVD to AVI file. This absolutely benefits from AVI files’ sharp image and AVI format is widely supported on a vast range of operating systems and devices. Because no one like to get fuzzy and distortion video files from DVDs…

Next, let’s talk about how to convert DVD to AVI video with some DVD to AVI ripper freeware or shareware. For DVD fans, Handbrake is no stranger as a free DVD Ripping software. If you just rip DVDs now and then or have no special requirements like editing, adjust parameter for DVD Movies. Handbrake is quite qualified for Ripping DVD to AVI as an DVD to AVI converter freeware.

You can get the last version Handbrake

However, if your DVDs are encrypted by CSS, Handbrake is willing to help but unable to do so about this. For protected DVDs, the first thing you will need to do when ripping a movie DVD to AVI is remove the copy protection. Most discs use a variant of the Content Scrambling System(CSS), but many also use other techniques. Although some DVD-ripping apps, like autoMKV, can bypass copy protection, they are not updated as frequently and aren’t always successful at defeating new copy protection schemes. Your best choice , therefore, is to top one of the utilities that are dedicated to the task, such as Daniusoft DVD Ripper.

Daniusoft DVD ripper justifies its high price by bypassing new forms of encryption almost immediately after they appear. This apps serve as on-the-fly disc decrypters, stripping copy protection before your ripping or playback software recognizes the disc. Want o rip an encrypted disc to your hard drive? It is as easy as coping contents of the disc’s VIDEO_TS files to your hard drive one you installed Daniusoft DVD Ripper. Regardless, before we continue, you should install one of this app.

You can download the software at this link: Daniusoft Best DVD Ripper, and install the app.

Once you launch the Daniusoft DVD Ripper, you can click “Add” to load Real DVD or DVD-like source such as DVD folder, ISO files, IFO files. Here we add a real DVD from DVD Rom.

Daniusoft Best DVD Ripper

After you add the DVD, you can edit the video effect by clicking “Edit” from the menu bar, this software video editing function is very powerful and utilitarian.

Crop – Cut off the black edge of your DVD movie to let you enjoy your movie in full screen by click the ‘Crop’ button.

Trim – As you have selected the clips to convert, here you can trim any segment of your clips to convert by click the ‘Trim’ button.

Effect- Set the Video Effects: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and adjust the volume to modulate the effect. All the progress you can see preview clearly.

Best DVD Ripper - Crop

Next, select the output video format, this software supports various video formats, almost any video formats you can name, and it supports many PMPs such as iPad, iPod, iPhone 3gs, Zune HD, PSP go, Creative Zen, mobile phone Blackberry, droid, Nexus one etc. Here we select AVI as output format.

Convert protected DVD to AVI

The last step, click the “start” button to start the conversion. The Ripping speed is fast and you will get the converted AVI files from DVDs in 1-3 hours. Of cause, the length of ripping time is depended on the size of your DVDs. Furthermore, this DVD Ripper offers the option to automatically shut down the computer when the conversion completed.

The original DVD file is near 5 GB, the conversion test on Windows vista 32 Pentium 4 single core system and it works very fast, which takes about 1 hours. And below is this DVD ripper performance screen.

DVD ripper performance screen

So far, I guess you should try to convert DVD to AVI video by yourself with free DVD to AVI converter(handbrake) or this shareware one(Daniusoft DVD Ripper).

Before you begin to use these software, you need to pay attention below items:

1. Understand copyright laws in your country before ripping any copyrighted DVDs.

2. Do not promote or partake in piracy. Although there is some dubiety over whether it is legal to copy DVDs for your own use, making copyrighted DVDs available in the public realm is against the law.

3. Understand that in the US the laws are unclear and conflicting, you might be able to rip a copy of copyrighted material for your own use under the concept of Fair Use. However, circumventing DRM may be illegal in and of itself, regardless of ownership of the IP or intent after disabling the DRM method. Read up on the DMCA and then contact your congressman!