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DVD to MP4 Converter(free/shareware) – Rip any movie DVD to MP4 players iPhone3gs, iPod touch, Zune HD for watching…

February 7, 2010

Why some guys are hot for converting DVDs to MP4 videos ?

MP4 was released for public use in 2002. It can be said that Apple’s iPod popularized MP4s more than anything else. But in recent times, profiting from its less space yet high video quality, MP4 is playing a more and more important role in internet-videos, kinds of portable multimedia player, such as the iPod, PSP, iphone 3gs, Zune HD, mobile phone like Nokia 5800, Motorola droid, Google nexus one etc.

How to convert DVD movies to MP4 format with DVD to MP4 Converter freeware/shareware ?

I looked at two programs that rip DVD into mp4 video format for Windows. I found a free open-source program called Handbrake that wouldn’t rip copy-protected DVDs on a PC. I also found a program called Daniusoft DVD Ripper that converts Any DVD into mp4 format for iPod, iPhone 3gs, Zune HD etc. It also works great on Windows 7, and also takes still shots of movie frames – a very useful feature.


Using Handbrake was as easy as plugging in my DVD, selecting the DVD in Handbrake, and clicking a button to kick off the conversion process.

I used a regular movie DVD ‘Ice Age’ and tried it on Handbrake. It took a whopping 4 hours to rip the DVD and convert it into mp4 format, which seemed like an eternity. But when I used The Matrix Revolutions – one of my favorite sci-fi action flicks – and tried it on, The Handbrake wouldn’t even start the conversion though, complaining that the DVD was copyright protected (which it is).


The Handbrake user interface was also hard to figure out. It has so many options to configure, that I found it difficult to figure out where to start.

Due to the slow ripping speed of Handbrake, the large file size of the video file, and since it wouldn’t work for me on a PC running Windows Vista (at least not with a copy-protected DVD), I decided to look for another option.

Daniusoft Best DVD Ripper

Next I downloaded Daniusoft’s DVD Ripper, which rips Movie DVDs and convert DVD to mp4 video that will run on iPod, iPhone 3gs, Zune HD and any other device that can view standard mp4 videos.

Daniusoft was able to rip my copy-protected DVD (even on Vista) much faster than Handbrake – it only took about an hour and a half to rip the DVD on the Windows(7) That’s several times faster than Handbrake in both cases, with the same level of quality, and with a smaller video output file (which will take up less space on my hard drive).

Daniusoft DVD Ripper - Converting

I also discovered an additional Daniusoft DVD Ripper feature – the ability to take still shots at any point during the movie. There’s a movie preview window on the lower left side of the screen, and a button that takes snapshots as often and as fast as you click it; saving photos to a folder each time. I really liked this feature.

I used VLC player to view the resulting video and was pretty impressed with both the video and sound quality. I was just using the default settings, and it would have looked even better if I had set it to the highest quality conversion setting.

Additionally, if you only need to convert DVD to your portable device like iPod touch, Zune HD or iPhone 3gs etc. you could select the target directly. It is already optimized for output setting for the devices that can view standard mp4 videos. This will insure the best output quality and no asynchronism in video & Audio. As show in the following figure.

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